Fully Automated

Firefighting Drones

with Thermal Imaging and Rapid Response

AI-Powered Technology

Advanced AI Solutions produces smart, fire-suppressing drones that can be deployed and managed through a variety of devices. AI software built into the drones allows early detection of fires and powerful, autonomous extinguishing capabilities.

Fire Drone Trailer

Capable of extinguishing fires in areas up to 1.2 acres in size, the fire drone trailer (FDT) can be operated by one person with a pickup truck.

Fire Drone Tower

The autonomous fire drone tower detects and targets fires through use of a fully-automated system of AI software.

Drone Features

Dry Powder Bombs

4 ABC Ultrafine Dry Powder Bombs can be dropped one at a time, each capable of extinguishing an area of up to 6 square meters.

High Capacity Battery

High capacity battery with intelligent power management provides up to 35 minutes of flight time.

Fire Extinguishing Tank

3kg or 12kg tank of dry powder has an electronically controlled fast opening mode. Powder spray pipe is made of carbon fiber and can extend up to 4.3m long

Multiple Cameras

4K Camera with 30X Optical Zoom used for long-range tracking, surveillance & reconnaissance, and security patrol. 1080P Infrared thermal imaging camera used for night surveillance and reconnaissance, fire, and security patrol.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the pioneer of commercial drone & thermal camera manufacturers in the USA.

Who We Are

Advanced AI Solutions, Inc. is an American-owned fire suppression UAV and thermal camera company.

Our IR/thermal camera can spot a fire from up to 5 miles away, measure the distance to calculate the coordinates, and send the precise location to our UAVs and to first responders. We are developing a fully automated response to wildfires using the camera and our fire suppression UAVs.

The firefighting AI drone concept is patent pending by Vincent Mao, CEO of AAIS.

Vincent Mao
Vincent Mao
CEO & Founder
Jeff Fulkerson
Jeff Fulkerson
Rachel Lui
Rachel Lui
COO Asia
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Elie Stowe, JD
VP of Contracts & Business Development
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Andre Moshfregh
VP of Sales
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Ricardo Roman
Advisory Board

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